Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Holiday dip

Thank you so much for your kind wishes for Little M she is on the mend now with a fairly unrecognisable thumb.

We managed a few days out over the last week as we were in the mid holiday dip that so often happens. We went to the butterfly farm at Stratford and everyone really enjoyed it. 

Then we managed a trip to Cardingmill Valley in the Shropshire Hills, a stunning part of Shropshire only 25 mins from our house. Time was spent catching fish in a bucket and collecting stones. 

I squeezed in a little crochet after I had taught them how to tickle stickleback fish. You can give a girl fish but teach them to catch their own and they leave you alone for a considerable amount of time to crochet I found. Sounds like a proverb to me.

Also still enjoying crafty time with the girls. We have been getting stuck into their Christmas and birthday gift craft kits.(some activities pre-injury) I am finding that they have more WIPS than me and they sort of feel like mine too in a way because I have to help them along but I do love doing it with them.

Just snippets of holiday news today. 


  1. I am so pleased to hear your daughter is on the mend and that you are managing to get out and about again. Love all the crafty projects, always takes me back to when my own daughters were growing up such special times. I enjoy passing on the bug to the grandchildren now.

  2. I think it's wonderful that your daughter is learning the hand crafts. And she's doing quite well at it too. Glad she's doing better.
    xx Beca

  3. It is lovely to see your girls enjoying crafting with you. Annie is the only one of my four who enjoys craft, but not with me. Enjoy the last weeks of the holiday. x

  4. I love the look of that stitching! How sweet. My kids have so many WIP's. I can't even keep track of all the projects that have going on. Mostly, I think it's wonderful but I have my days where I'm tempted to make a clean sweep of everything laying around, ha. :)

  5. Looks as though you are having a great holiday! I hope that the girls can get their WIP's done before school starts again! I am glad that Little M is doing well! xx

  6. The cross stitch is really pretty!

  7. Great that your daughters enjoy crafting !! Nice to know your daughter's thumb is recovering.