Friday 9 January 2015

Quilt progress Friday

My New Years resolution post has made me spend another hour on my quilt. It is the sewing equivalent of knitting stocking stitch. You do it when you have an odd hour here and there when you have no brain power left but feel the need to mindlessly sew. I have made 15 out of the 30 patch squares I need, they all need borders but that is another matter, slowly, slowly...

I have leaped ahead somewhat and diverted my attention to the pillowcases.It started with a little collection of scraps.

This is guerrilla patchwork at it's best, just sew them altogether in a strip. Don't worry about seam allowances and edges, just sew.

Press it and then cut the edges straight. I found my rotary cutter did a tidy job.

Then sew it to the edge of a pillow case pressing edges in and top stitching.

Have you spotted the lovely crochet edge? well here is the pattern I made up for my crochet class which starts up again in mid January.

Pillow case edging

size 30 crochet thread
1.75mm hook

First make a row of blanket stitch across the edge of your fabric where you want the edge to be attached to using embroidery thread for a different colour or your crochet cotton to match.

Row 1: Join yarn in the first blanket stitch. Ch1, make 2dc in each blanket stitch to to the end. Add 1 more dc in the last stitch to make an odd number.

Row 2: Ch3,1tr into each dc to the end, turn

Row:3 4ch, miss first 2 stitches, *1tr into next treble, 1ch, miss 1tr,* repeat from * to *. 1 tr in the last 3ch from the previous row. Turn.

Row 4: 3ch, 1tr into the first ch space, *1tr into the next tr,1tr into the next ch space* repeat from * to * to end, turn.

Row 5: Pointed edge as follows: ch1, 1dc in the first stitch, *miss 2tr, (3tr,3ch,3tr,) all in one stitch. Miss 2tr, 1dc*. Repeat to end.

Fasten off and admire!


I will have a little lie down to try it out later! work first..bye..
Jo xx


  1. Love the quilt blocks, I do like using HSTs, when I get my blocks all made for a sashed quilt I chain piece them. It works for me and I get them so close that I only have to sliver trim.. I have never used patchwork to edge pillowcases, I guess that will change now. My go to way of using all those little strips is to sew into lengths, just as you did, trim and then sew several together until I have a quilt top. I use the QAYG method so all I have to do is find a backing.

  2. Wow, I am so impressed. The pillowcase is simply beautiful a real delight I love the combination of both the crochet and the patchwork, stunning.

  3. Your crochet edging is beautiful and the patchwork just makes it even better! What a wonderful way to personalise a pillow or cushion or anything else! It look wonderful with your quilt which is also looking really great too! xx

  4. The pillowcase is simply amazing and the crochet edging add a lovely vitage touch!

  5. Wow wow wow, I adore that pillow case, what a great way to use up scraps. Love it!

  6. That edging is so beautiful, that really is a great use of using fabric scraps..You quilt will be wonderful when it is completed I cant wait to see your finished bed set although.Have a lovely weekend

  7. Your pillow case is beautiful & I love the edging. I've seen a similar pattern to edge a skirt which is something I would like a go at soon.

  8. Oh Jo that is a very, very lovely pillow case! What a gorgeous make, may have to have one! Thanks for sharing :o) Sam xx

    1. or two as I have now realised, I need two to match a double bed quilt! Thanks

  9. That is a brilliant way to design a pillowcase! I just love that! And your quilt is coming along fantastically! Wishing you all the best this weekend lady! Nicole xoxo

  10. I need some pillow cases to do that too, it's gorgeous - both the crochet edging and the colorful fabric bits you added!

  11. What a lovely idea for using your scrap bits the pillow case looks beautiful. I will have to have a go at the crochet edging it looks so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the instructions

  12. I absolutely love the pillow cases, oh my goodness you are brilliant. The bit of color is fabulous and the crochet edging just makes the whole thing perfect.

  13. You've really come far with the quilt. I love the pillowcases, they're so unique and special. They remind me of Little House on the Prairie for some reason.

  14. Oh snazzy, quilting *and* crochet! I bet with this mammoth quilt being able to finish the pillows is a nice quick project :-) I reckon I could manage the strips but I'd have very, little patients making that many squares, it'd be a WIP forever :o

  15. Love the pillowcase! It looks amazing hand the crochet edging is the perfect finishing touch.
    Marianne x

  16. Love your crochet trim. So delicate looking. Quite perfect. Your quilt is looking amazing. Do you have bed in mind for it? I wish I had the sort of decor that would take a quilt like this. In my next life I will find a man who just LOVES colour or at least, doesn't have an opinion.

  17. What a gorgeous idea for updating a plain white pillowcase. A nice way to make a little fabric go a long way. Love the crochet trim too. x