Friday, 5 December 2014

White tree, black lace!

I have made a guipure lace Christmas party top. How and why? read on...

It started with some inspiration from a vintage pattern find:

I liked the lace affair in the centre and read the back of the packet to find I needed guipure lace... what on earth is that? I thought... I visited White tree fabrics for some ideas.

I was sent this beautiful guipure lace. It has a cotton/crochet feel about it but in all honesty, I had no idea how to actually work with it. I sort of ran shy from the original vintage pattern. I started to think the less raw edges and cuts I made, the less amount of things could go wrong. 

Image from Gertie's book.
So I fell back on a modern vintage pattern and went for another portrait blouse from Gerties Book for Better Sewing. She had made a lace version that I thought would fit the bill. 

The lining acted as a kind of muslin. I made it slightly bigger in
the waist and hips to eliminate the need for a side zip. I was still going with the less is more theme. Inserting a zip in this lace? absolutely no idea!

The colour inspiration for the lining comes from my personal pledge to myself to only make things that go with other things that I already have and I love these shoes.

In the end I lost some of the body shaping which I knew would happen with the tweeks I made but it is the most comfortable top ever. The vintage element eventually turned out to be a bit 1920's flapper girl don't you think?

I read a few tutorials on this lace and they all said to use bias binding (which is what had been done on the original pattern I looked at) to finish the edges which was the perfect.

I am feeling pretty on trend with lace - it is everywhere in the shops and it is not that scary to sew with. I would like to thank White Tree Fabrics for letting me try out their fabric. Do pop over to their website if you feel inspired. I am going to wear it on Christmas day and to any festive get-togethers I happen to get invited to - hint hint!

This is also my final piece for the 2014 Vintage sewing pattern pledge hosted by Stitching Odyssey. I have used five vintage patterns this year.

Thanks for stopping by. Jo xxxx


  1. This is beautiful very great gatsby! X

  2. Hi Jo! I'm really impressed by all your makes - this one is extra special indeed!!! <3
    It looks stunning!
    What a fantastic make!
    Have a great weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  3. Oh Jo this top is hands down my favorite piece you have ever made! What a gorgeous piece! From the color combination to how the lace lays and how a bit trails at the end.... I would wear this in a heart beat! It is stunning and you look so pretty! What an accomplishment! Nicole xo

  4. It is beautiful, I love the lace and the colour. You look stunning.

  5. It's a lovely design, I do like the colour.

  6. The top fits you perfectly and the colours work well together.

  7. It is beautiful Jo!! The lace is stunning and goes so well with the beautiful blue colour that you chose for the lining, it all sets off beautifully and of course looks so very good on you too!! Brilliant all round is all that I can say! xx

  8. Jo, you are absolutely amazing, it's truly gorgeous, I wouldn't know where to begin with any of it. It looks fabulous on you, I'm sure you'll get lots of compliments, and how fantastic to be able to say you made it yourself :)

  9. If you lived near I would have to have a gathering just so I could see you in it. You did a fantastic job.

  10. Wow it's just great.
    Clare x

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. Great job you have made the perfect party top

  12. What a gorgeous top! I love it and I think you did a fantastic job Jo! ... Pretty shoes too! xo

  13. Elegant! You are set to celebrate, Jo!! xx

  14. Wow! Love this! And so bang on trend. I really must branch out into lace.
    Love the contrasting colours.

  15. Oh, it's just fabulous, and you look amazing in it. It looks very professional to me. It's a perfect match for those shoes. too. x