Monday, 8 December 2014

Pencil blossom tutorial

I have a very fine band of parent learners who have been very loyal and committed to the education courses I have been running throughout 2014 but it will soon be coming to an end as they take their English exams over the next two weeks. I wanted to give them a thank you and goodbye present so I made some little pencils.

The blossoms are a great way to use up the very last ends of yarn or sometimes I use tapestry wool. (purely because someone gave a tangled bag of it) They are easy to make but I just use the pattern as a recipe because sometimes my wool will only stretch to four petals!

Blossom - UK terms.
Ch2, 9dc into the first chain from the hook, ss to join. Pull centre tight.
Change colour. ch1, *1dtr, 1trtr, 1dtr, 1dc in the next stitch* repeat all the way round. Fasten off. Sew in ends.

Assemble all the components. Glue the flower to the felt leaf and the leaf to the pencil. Leave to dry. 

I used to make hundreds of them when I did craft fairs and they always sold well displayed stood up in a Denby mug. I have also made them in the past for party bags - girls love them.

Seven pencils and seven cards.

Thank you to you, for taking the time to look at how I spend my spare time. Jo xxx


  1. What a perfect gift and I also love the card.

  2. Brilliant. They'd be great for party bags too. I always like to see how you spend your spare time - I think we enjoy similar things (although you're much better at everything, but that just inspires me to improve!)
    By the way, you did make me laugh with your comment on my blog about letting sh*t slide. I will totally take your advice! xx

  3. Aren't these just the happiest pencils ever! It would make me want to write all the time! Such an awesome gift Jo! Wishing you an outstanding week! Nicole xo

  4. They are such lovely little gifts. Love the idea of using up odds & ends to make them.

  5. These are so cutre thanks for sharing.
    Clare xx

  6. Those are the cutest pencils I have ever seen.

  7. They are so lovely and how kind of you to give everyone a gift before the exams, I am sure that they will look back on your time together with fondness when they see your pencils in their pen pots! They are surely too pretty to every be used though! xx

  8. I know what I will be making next! I need a change from the boring ripple blanket I am working on just now. x

  9. Hi Jo! What a great idea!
    thanks for sharing! :)
    Ingrid xx

  10. These are so cute, Jo! I think they would be great party favors for little girls' birthdays too. Thank you for sharing.

  11. The pencils and cards are really lovely. A great idea for using up tiny scraps of yarn.

  12. What a wonderful idea, they are so cute .I wanted to tell you how beautiful your top is, I really love the style and colours and the edging is fabulous. Have a lovely day