Monday, 29 December 2014

Busy beading

I have a wailing older child, a sneaky looking younger child and the holiday bickering is getting a teensy bit tiresome so I have shut myself in the office to blog. Happy Days!

During a film watching session on a wet afternoon I sat happily and made this window decoration. No new materials required, just the beads that are too small for the girls to use from their crafting kits which have been filling up a little tub for the whole year.

Threading and twisting.

it has turned into a sort of banshee yodeling now, bear with me a little longer...

Time to go for a walk to the bread shop I think and take in some of this lovely sunshine and frosty vistas.

Ah! families you've gotta love 'em. 

Happy Holidays folks! Jo xxx


  1. Sorry about the bickering, but that is siblings for you. I like your honesty about it, sometimes you just don't get along with your sister or brother. I love the heart, my goodness you are so creative. These would be amazing teacher presents next year.

  2. Yep, gotta love t'em. We had a fair bit of bickering yesterday but all is calm today. For now. The heart you made is sweet. Happy Holidays! x

  3. My two are in different rooms at the moment, so all is quiet at the moment. School holidays are so special!! Lovely bead work to catch the sunlight... and relax you on days like this :-)

  4. Do they at least let you have some peace in the office??! I certainly hope so!!
    Those beads are just the right color to hope for an early spring, ha! It looks, though, like you've got plenty of sunshine, though!

  5. Jo, I so admire your distraction-from-bickering craft and am puzzling out how you put it together. You have reminded me of the interesting car rides we had when each child was instructed to look out a different window xx

  6. Very pretty :) Bickering is at a minimum here so far but I did have a good shouting match on Christmas Eve. How festive :)

  7. So beautiful,great idea!
    Happy New Year!!

  8. LOVE this Jo! You had me this post as my beans are bouncing off the walls and I am just getting my energy back to get back to normalcy!!!! HA! Yep...gotta love the holidays!!!!! This decoration that you made with your beads is just perfect and stunning!!!! So sorry I have not been around in a bit! Been so swamped with Christmas and then one by one each member of my family fell sick! Here is to a fresh start in 2015! Nicole xoxo

  9. What a beautiful way to use the beads! It is so pretty isn't it. I hope that you have a great new year and that it brings only good things your way! Happy new year! xx

  10. I love this! I find your mass of crafting truly inspiring!!!!