Sunday 30 November 2014

Hooded Pixie Scarf Tutorial

Someone asked me to make a hooded scarf. I knew I had been cornered and I was unable to say no even though I am really busy, I don't know them at all and they have no idea how long it takes to actually make something but Hey ho! I took the situation as an opportunity to be creative and make a new pattern to share.

Little M is 5 so it is too small for her but I needed a model!
Hooded Scarf

300m /100g DK yarn
4mm Hook
3 Pom poms

UK terms. Made for age 18mths - 2 yrs 

Start with the length of the scarf. Chain 161
miss one ch and dc1 in every stitch. Turn ch1, dc in every stitch to the end of the row. Continue to make a length of double crochet with one turning chain at each end for between 8-10 rows. (160)

Chain 31 stitches
miss one chain and dc30 times. Continue for 27-30 rows, depending on how deep you want the hood, using a turning chain at each end. 
(30 sts)

Work pointed pixie end as follows:

row 1: Ch1, ss15, dc15 turn
row 2: ch1, dc15, ss15 turn
row 3: ch1, ss17, dc17 turn
row 4: ch1, dc13, ss17 turn
row 5: ch1, ss21, dc9 turn
row 6: ch1, dc9, ss3 Turn
row 7: ch1, ss3, dc9 turn
row 8: ch1, dc7, ss3 turn
row 9: ch1, ss3, dc7 turn
row 10: ch1, dc5, ss3 turn
row 11: ch1, ss3, dc5 turn
row 12: ch1, dc3, ss3 turn
row 13: ch1, ss3, dc3 turn fasten off.
Repeat for the other side of the head piece ensuring you have the fabric the right way round.

Sew two head pieces together along the curved edge and across the top of the crown. 

Front face border
Rejoin yarn at right hand side of front edge of hood. Dc4 rows. This makes a smooth seamless line around the face. You could add a picot edge, scalloped edge or your favourite shell border here now if you wish.

Join the hood to the centre of the scarf with dc stitches. Add pom poms or you could continue to put picot or shell around the scarf(you may need more than 300m yarn if you want to do this)

Hooray! a hooded pixie scarf. You could also make it in other colours for boys too.

Happy Making. I really must make something now for a loved one rather than a stranger to balance my inner crochet turmoil.

Jo xxxxxx


  1. That turned out very well. Scarf hats are such a good idea.

  2. You are good at this! It's beautiful. I really like it in cream, too. Isn't it irritating when people have no idea how much time and effort goes into handmade garments? I've been caught out there before. But I'm sure they will be delighted with it. xx

  3. I think this is it is an all in one piece that would save me so much time trying to dig out all of their many winter pieces and it is adorable to boot! Look at you just whipping this up!!! And for a are so kind Jo! Happy making this week Jo! Nicole xo

  4. Lately I have seen photos of hooded scarves and been thinking about how practical they are ... and now you have whipped one together that is both clever and practical! Thanks for creating and posting, Jo :) xx

  5. It looks great Jo. Thanks for sharing. Bee xx

  6. This hooded scarf looks like a great idea! That way the little usually uncovered part of the neck won't get cold :)

    Take care

  7. I love this such a great idea it will be so cosy and warm, thank you for sharing. :)

  8. Oh no, I want one for myself !!

  9. I'm sorry that you have had inner crochet turmoil, but it has produced some beautiful results in this hat! I love the pom pom on the point, that is just too too cute. xx

  10. Your hooded scarf is such a lovely cosy idea, and your pattern is great, thank you for sharing it. Thank you too for you very kind comment about my see them larger you just click on them :)
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Helen xox

  11. The hooded scarf is amazing, I can't believe you just whipped it up like that,

  12. Good on you for making it, but I'd recommend joining the 'Selfish Knitters' group on Ravelry, if nothing else you can share your "I couldn't say no" experience! Hard isn't it though? I try and get onto another subject or just say I'm too busy

  13. Is there a way this pattern can be used for adults as well?