Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Fantasy quilt progress

Just checking in with my Half Square Triangle (HST) count. I have 186 out of the 270 I need.

They are looking good and a great way to teach Big Sis counting in 20's which she has needed to do for school.

I have not bought any fabric yet so I am doing quite well. I have used a Tilda Charm pack (100 squares) which I won from the Simply Homemade magazine for star letter on the letters page a few months ago. These quality prints sure lifted my scraps pile to a higher level.


...Some didn't make the cut. When I went to square them up after sewing, some were not quite big enough so I cut out a smaller square template 9cm x 9cm and made these slightly smaller ones for a practise before I start sewing the quilt together some time. I am really enjoying the journey and don't feel in any rush (at the moment!)

I am following a lovely quilt-a-long to get some tips here I am not doing exactly the instructions (as if I would) but I like finding out about the new techniques which I might need.

Thanks for stopping by. Jo xxx


  1. I love that your using your quilt blocks to help your daughter with school! My mum used knitted to help me with taking away! (Decreasing)



  2. Wonderful that you can work together crafting and maths, some of the fabrics are stunning. Looking forward to seeing how you get on, enjoy the journey.

  3. Beautiful fabrics, that big mountain of HSTs is looking beautiful!

  4. While looking for a project I have put in a safe place I was checking my stack of cut squares for the patchwork quilt I want to hand stitch together yesterday, Jo. I do admire your stack of squares and applaud Big Sis for practicing her counting and you for your practical teaching! xx

  5. You look like you are moving right along and having fun with all that fabric.

  6. I bet your girls love being by your side when you make and create! Such a fun way to teach her to count by 20 and such beautiful squares up there! I look forward to seeing this one come together! I know it will be gorgeous! Here is to a wonderful weekend Jo! Nicole xo

  7. It is a shame that some of the squares didn't make the cut, but I am sure that you will use them!! It looks and sounds as though you are progressing very well! xx

  8. See, way over half way already :-) Keeeeeep going!!! x