Tuesday, 4 November 2014

All done #5 October

Here is a round up of this fabric stash. It all started with a gifted length of fabric - A Liberty Tana Lawn called Florence. A neighbour of a friend had become a widower and asked if I would like first dibs of his wife's fabric chest. That was five years ago.

I made the Mathilde Blouse but had to top stitch the pleats down just over my bust as they flared out and made me look ridiculous.

Here is what else I made using this fabric. There was about 4-5 metres of it.

A pocketed skirt from Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt last year.

I made four mouse door stops two have been gifted and one is mine.

A girls dress which Big Sis wore three years ago and now is handed down to Little M. It is made from a vintage pattern that used to be my grandma's. My mum said she had one of these. Button shoulders, tie at the back, gathered waist - they stand the test of time don't they?

The watch strap revamp from earlier this year.

Finally, it's the turn of the left overs.

More recently my all time favourite skirt made a few weeks ago.

Another easy peasy peasant blouse over the weekend from this pattern which has been worth every penny, I highly recommend it. 45 mins work!!

A quilted tablet case on which I made a label out of a bit of the selvedge edge to remind me of this beautiful fabric's origins.

a pin cushion, then as the bits get smaller...

 ...more squares for my fantasy quilt in half square triangles. 

I have enjoyed every inch of this fabric and although it has all gone now, I can still enjoy it in all it's various guises. 
All done Number 5 - Liberty Tana Lawn Florence.

Which was your favourite?

Ps. This is a mosaic of projects.These are my makes over the last five years with this fabric, not all this week. There has been confusion in the past with these themed posts. During October I have made the skirt, blouse, pin cushion and tablet case.


  1. I love your blouse! Well done!

  2. The peasant blouse looks cool and comfortable. You made great use of that piece of fabric.

  3. Gosh, what a fabulous collection of items made from the fabric x

  4. So many things from a beautiful fabric, I loved it all but if I had to pick the skirt was my favourite.

  5. Rock star!!!! Look at that adorable skirt!!! Everything you made from this fabric is beautiful!!! Way to go Jo!!! Nicole xo

  6. You are an inspiration, Jo. I thought of you this weekend when I was making curtains for my kitchen. I had a lot of big pieces left over and I was thinking of ways I can use it up in the future, "What would Jo do...?" :)

    1. I love that, it warms my heart and makes me chuckle a little. but since your asking... oven gloves and an apron all matching, that would be nice. xx

  7. Crikey me, woman! Thats an unbelievable amount of projects out of a piece of fabric (how much of it was there ?!). And so clever to make the Liberty label for your tablet case :) You must feel a real sense of achievement at so many beautiful things :)

  8. Hi Jo! There is a lesson for us all!!! I'm very impressed with your clever makes. It is hard to say - they all are interesting and great in their own category, which just goes to show what a lovely and versatile fabric this is! Personal favs are the skirt and the table case (just too cute).
    Thanks for showing it all together like this, you are an inspiration!!!
    Ingrid xx

  9. Fabulous fabric and very thrifty makes. I love the tablet case. Thanks for sharing x

  10. Fabulous use of beautiful fabric. I like that it was gifted to you by that lovely man, Hugs. Meredith

  11. Wow! You got so much mileage from that fabric and made so many great things! Impressive!

  12. So many beautiful items made from one of my favourite Liberty prints. I love everything on this post but if I hade to pick one, it would be the child's vintage dress, that is very special. X

  13. They look great Jo - I especially like the watch strap. Simple I know but I think really effective and gently on little wrists. Oh and like the Ipad case - but who wouldn't? :-)

  14. Amazing, just amazing, all of it. I always love the way you use every last scrap, there's never any waste. You've made some beautiful things. I really love that top you're wearing in the first photo. xx

  15. Everything is so great Jo! I think that the dormice and the pincushion are my favourites! Thank you for your e-mail and the link, much appreciated. xx

  16. Love that little dress and pin cushion and everything in fact! What a wonderfully pretty fabric. I love your thriftiness!