Sunday, 7 September 2014

Harvest and time

The allotment needed some serious attention this weekend but I can only manage about an hour of digging before I know I am going to get a bad back. It is getting better as the little ones were being super helpful. You realise in September you can't just keep reaping the benefits of fresh food, you have to eventually give some time back.

I don't mind really because other than belly dancing every other week for a couple of hours, I don't do any exercise and I consider this to be free gym work rather than a chore.

I got a good chunk done today. The children helped until they got sidetracked with 'treasure' they found as they were digging.

China pieces, old clay pipes, the odd potato and pretty beans from the french bean pods that we pulled up. They have simple play tastes do my girls. My treasure however is another basket of fresh food.

Those courgettes just keep coming!

We also picked blackberries last weekend.

Can you spy my special harvest? A carrier bag of black grapes. They were in the garden of the house we stayed in at Tenby but our friends, who own the house, have gone to Spain for five weeks so we picked them so they would not be wasted. Bloke has a gallon of grape wine and I have a gallon of blackberry wine brewing in the kitchen. 

Happy harvesting! I am yet to start getting carrier bags of apples from friends but I know it will come soon enough, that brewing bucket should be empty by then.

For now though, time to relax and enjoy the weather.

Jo xx


  1. Yum! A rather scrumptious harvest post! :-) Chrissie x

  2. Great harvest, you must be so happy with your garden.

  3. Wonderful Garden! I bet your wine tastes delicious!

  4. Well done, Jo and family :-) Our blackberries are at about the same stage as yours. So far we have been eating our apples and plums and probably will not have enough to preserve this year since our trees are young. xx

  5. What a wonderful allotment with some truly wonderful goodies, a great harvest. I too am waiting for the carrier bags of apples my neighbours are very good.

  6. Quel beau jardin.. Your garden is wonderful! I love the blackberries...

  7. What a harvest! Your allotment is really repaying you for all your hard work at the moment. x

  8. Hi Jo! How nice to have such a garden and a tasty harvest!!! :)
    Ingrid xx