Sunday, 21 September 2014

All Done #5 Amy Butler Fabric

Hello! Two new makes from this week and a round up of other projects from my Amy Butler Love fabric.I have been calling these posts 'All done' I make one when I have used up every last scrap of something.

I made a shell top for myself. I love those Prima magazine free patterns, they don't feel precious, I took scissors to the armholes and the neckline, added some length, and hip flare to make a better pattern fit for myself - mum isn't getting her hands on this one and I have a good idea of my measurements for playing around with the vintage one I like.

I had just enough of my Amy Butler Love fabric left to make the blouse. The arm hole facings feature the white selvedge edge but it was the only way to get the pieces out and you can't see them.

I will wear it this week and then I think it will get packed away with the summer things for a nice surprise in 2015. That is one of my jobs for next week.

Other makes from this fabric (total fabric length in both patterns = 4 metres) which was bought for £4.99 a metre in a sale along with some spotty Amy Butler to co-ordinate are:

Amelia's sewing kit bag lining and gusset,

Two peasant tops,

Kay Whitt skirt with ruffle pockets,

a Pin cushion,

Big Sis made a handbag from a snippet and finally...

Today I made a large pencil case for my new job. I have found that whatever room I am in, there is never a pen that works so I have made an over sized case to fit in post it notes, calculator, pens and pencils. I am really pleased with it. The zip is from Minerva.

I had to do a sort of patchwork affair for the top to use up all the little bits I had and then I quilted it using batting to give it some strength.

So all done here with this bright and happy fabric, it has all gone.

Happy Stashbusting folks. 
Jo xxxxx


  1. Jo, First I saw that top and thought, how lovey, that Amy Butler fabric is gorgeous! <3
    That was before I had scrolled down and seen all the rest of the things you made from it!
    Wow, absolutely wow!!! Fantastic, and each item looks fresh and unique! I absolutely adore that pencil case you made, using up your scraps! Superb!!!
    Keep crafting on!!!!!
    Ingrid xx

  2. Awesome makes! It's nice to see how much you can make from 4 metres x

  3. That is lovely material. I like the way you made so many things from it.

  4. I love all your makes from that stunning fabric Jo....but I think the pencil case has to be my's perfect.
    Jacquie x

  5. I love Amy Butler's fabrics. You did such a great job using coordinating fabrics. Amy lives in our town and the same neighborhood that my son lives in. I just saw her the other day walking down the hill. She is so beautiful.

  6. Your top is beautiful Jo!! It will be lovely to be able to bring it out next year and wear it all summer long. Love the pencil case too, I hope that it helps you to do really well at your new job and move your bits and bobs to wherever you need them to be! xx

  7. Boy, you've been busy! All the projects you made with that pretty fabric turned out so lovely Jo! xo

    1. The top and the pencil case are new the rest is a round up of previous posts!! I'm not that crazy... Jo x

  8. Wow I love the pencil case and the top and skirt are lovely, good luck with the new job
    Clare x

  9. Absolutely amazing Jo! Everything you made is fantastic and how satisfying to know that you have used every last scrap of that gorgeous fabric.
    Marianne x

  10. Oh, you are clever! I love how much satisfaction you get from using up every last scrap of fabric and I can identify with that as I'm like that with yarn. Unidentifiable yarn scraps annoy me, I like to use things up. Your top is gorgeous, a really great fit on you, and I love your pencil case. That zip is really pretty. x

  11. You're amazing, Jo. I can't believe how much you got from that one piece of fabric. They all look really good.

  12. Impressive! I admire your resolve to use every last little bit. - Something I should do a bit more of!

  13. Oh my goodness you are incredible, amazing and oh so talented. I want each and everything you made for myself you understand even the little purse. I am so jealous of your sewing talent.
    Hugs and perfect fit for the top you made,

  14. Hiya Jo! I've been missing for a while, but just catching up with your bloggyness and thought I'd say hi :-) I love your pencil case. I have the same problem at work, no stationery! The zip is the loveliest I've ever seen, I need to go look at Minerva :)