Wednesday, 21 May 2014

WIP Wednesday - uncut

This is a seriously uncut honest version of my regular WIP Wednesday post. The week has ran away with me which is very unlike me but I am a bit stretched family wise for any crafting. Anyway here is a hotchpotch of underwhelming chaos that has made up my life this week...

My dress for the Minerva meet up. I hit a stumbling block but Louise from There she Sews came round on Monday and sorted out the armpit gussets! I know, did you know they even exist - she did, which is why she is a great sewing friend to have. 

A purchase of a new box to put my sewing patterns in. It is empty and the patterns are still all over the house, on bookcases, in drawers, under beds and behind the sofa. Nice box though.

We are going away next week and I have started packing or at least hiding clothes in the spare room to stop the girls from wearing them. What have they been wearing this week I wonder?

I have been trying to start the Miette cardigan to take as my holiday project but I have unpicked it three times and resorted to my mother reading out the instructions as I knit it - now that is what I call a knit-a-long! Then she left me with it all perfect and I cocked it up on the following evening. So I have unpicked(each stitch) back to row 10, made a note on the pattern where I am and stuffed it under the sofa.

So what does a girl do craft wise? Crack on with my summer cotton pullover? This has been frogged once because it would have fit Pavarotti if I had carried on with the hook and size choice I made - tension square Duh!

There is all this sort of 'stuff' (nearly swore then) to sort out as each meal passes.

I dropped my beautiful lemon squeezer jug. Grr!

Children, picking up, washing blah! blah!

And finally a very neglected wild flower jug which I keep looking at every time I walk in through the door. I must move that hairband, drinking straw wand handcrafted by one of my own and the dying flowers.

So on the cusp of greatness I would surmise but not quite there today. How is your week going folks?

Jo xx


  1. Quite a normal week then, when you are running about after children. I love the box for your patterns, a great find.

  2. Phew, I am glad it is not just my life that is all taken up by picking up mess when all I really want to do is sew and garden and knit and read blogs. I have just stuffed a knitting project under my sofa, too, I can't bear to make any more mistakes. I really like the fabric for your dress. Underarm gussets? Never heard of them. Have a lovely week away. x

  3. Sounds a bit like our house, have a lovely holiday
    Clare x

  4. Your week is looking a lot like mine. I laughed about what the girls have been probably don't want to know! Here's to a little more relaxing time for both of us soon. :)

    1. I always feel fine posting a day like this because I know there must be lots of people doing the same as me, so it is good to hear from you all. Jo x

  5. Sorry about your lemon squeezer, things like that happening are so annoying aren't they. I hope that next week is a little less busy and easier for you, we all have times like this sometimes, but it improves again at least doesn't it! Take care. xx

  6. ha I love the realness of your post, I'm glad I'm not the only one who walks past a neglected jug of flowers! Sorry you broke your lemon squeezer, it seems to be nice expensive things I drop & break, never the basic utility stuff.

  7. Oh, this did make me smile Jo. Those shoes and socks, yes, I see things like that on a regular basis! And I always have dead flowers in a vase somewhere that I must make time to bin, but keep ignoring it for as long as possible! Also, I am sorry that you finding the cardigan hard. I am sure you will come back to it again soon, on another day, and totally understand what you have to do. Reading patterns are tough! I dread to think what that one is like because even the very basic ones that I read completely throw me. Have a great weekend Jo, and holiday for next week. :)