Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Bit More Home

 A last tour round our house while it still looks nice a new. Our house is so well insulated that we couldn't even sleep in our bed with my quilt called 'Lucky' on until late October. The underfloor heating has only just come on! 

I really wanted a shelf above the bed for my plants because I knew having them in the window cill would be too harsh as the morning sun is on this room. Andy was not sure. He was worried about man things like strength and position and size. I egged him on to use a piece of wood from the shed which I planed and waxed. It looks great and Andy is pleased with it too now. I am just waiting for the spider plants to trail down. The shelf brackets are a little nod towards where we came from near the Ironbridge.

We mostly bought all of our furniture from the old house except for a few new purchases. Wardrobes were top of the list. The previous 20 year old IKEA ones had been taken down and rebuilt three times and we didn't think they would manage another house move and rebuild so we treated ourselves to a matching pair from an antique shop. Sounds pricey but in fact they were cheaper than big chain store wardrobes.

Littlest one is super pleased with her bedroom which she chose herself. Excitingly, they have never done this before because their old room had one decor which had lasted them both 10 years.

I made her some pillows for her day bed which was easy to do.

Just off the side of her room is a little desk area which looks out onto the landing. An ideal place to do your homework but shout if you get stuck.

Grown ups homework/admin is done here in our downstairs office where I am now. I made a collection of all of our maps and older furniture which sit nicely together in one room. I am on the look out for a nice chair when shopping for fun resumes.

Finally our big girl has her own room too. She chose an Orla Keily duvet cover in the sale, very grown up!

Indoors is what I would call finished. Time to start living in our home and start building a garden. Until next time...
Jo xxxx


  1. Thanks for sharing, it's beautiful.

  2. Love your choices. Looks like a home already.

  3. It just looks all so lovely. I especially like the handmade quilts that I can see. x

  4. Your home looks very inviting and cosy and homely Jo. xx

  5. How lovely it all looks, Jo. I love that there are so many things about that you've made yourself, your quilt is gorgeous.

  6. Aww it looks wonderful, so cosy and warm. Love the shelf, simple but very effective.

  7. Thanks for letting us enjoy seeing how you are feathering your nest, creating a lovely, cosy, welcoming home, Jo.

  8. It is all looking very stylish, I really like the colours in the first bedroom. very pretty. x