Tuesday, 13 August 2019

That Annie Sloan Thing

My good friends went to a show/exhibition somewhere - the details are vague, it was a while ago, but as a thank you for having them to stay for a weekend they gave me an Annie Sloan press pack kit. This  was at least two years ago. The kit has been in the cupboard under the stairs. It was one of those boxes of goodies that was almost too lovely to use, a bit like my post office set when I was a child.

It encouraged you to go on their website and use their inspirational tutorials but I think you might know me well enough by now to predict that I just started painting!

I bought a bathroom cabinet for £10 on a DIY store clearance shelf. It said it had a dirty mark on it, which it did, but that was the epiphany moment when I thought about the paint kit.

Firstly we painted the whole cabinet green after sanding it to enable the paint to key in. Andy looked a little alarmed - I could see him thinking 'why has she ruined that white cabinet with streaky green paint? Meg helped to do this first coat.

Secondly, Heidi added coats of grey after the green had dried. Not much of an improvement but the layers were building up.

Next you have to sand it on the edges revealing the green and in some areas the original white. Anywhere there is a pool of paint needs a smooth finish too. You have to be brave at this point. Too little sanding and it looks grubby, not enough and it looks like it needs another coat. The distressed look is a fine line to find.

The next stage is to use gilding paste to add metallic highlights. I have never used this before but on the tube it warned the user to add tiny amounts at a time. 

The top one had paste and the lower one does not have paste. It does add another dimension I feel.

The final part is to add a layer of clear wax. This stops the chalky finish from rubbing off. I have never done this on any furniture I have painted in the past and the paint has gradually worn off.I once asked a man in a second hand shop how he stopped the paint coming off and he said he always waxed it at the end.

I am really pleased with it and although I can't show it you in situ, for we do not have a bathroom yet, I can imagine it with a little trailing plant on the top. I was lucky because the mirror was removable avoiding any unsightly paint smudges. I mean for £10 - what is not to love? It is lovely paint but I know it is pricey stuff if I had to buy it myself. A dirty mark on the front, what dirty mark?

Ever tried anything like this? Any future tips?
Jo xxxx

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