Tuesday, 16 April 2019

My Very Own

It has been a long time since I have posted a sewing project that I have truly enjoyed and got stuck into(apart from Meg's hoodie). My sewing machine has been broken since the start of March so I have been plodding on by using either Heidi's simple machine or by borrowing a friends while she was on holiday. Add that to the fact that I have moved all of my sewing stuff to another room and it makes for quite disjointed sewing moments. 

This blouse was from the Sewing Bee book Series 3. My friend and I swapped books for a few months and this is what I chose to make.

I chose this fabric all on my very own - and paid for it - which is rare for me when I am usually either sponsored fabric or given fabric by other people who do not want it anymore. I made a pair of marigold trousers last year and this blouse is made from the fabric I had left over. 

I thought the drape of the fabric would be ideal for this sleeveless collared blouse.

I took about 7cm off the length but fit-wise, I think I could have taken 2cm off each shoulder to give a more flattering shape.The collar is not interfaced because it is supposed to be soft but I think I would use a lightweight one next time to avoid it collapsing on the collar roll so much. Luckily, because of the drape of the fabric it looks fine.

The collar and the sleeves are finished with bias binding but I didn't fancy messing about making my own out of the fabric scraps (not without my regular machine anyway) so I used a ready made one I had in my cupboard. 

The collar is large but I like it when worn with a cardigan because  it shows the shape of the collars off well.

This pattern is definitely worth another visit when I have some more left overs to use up. I enjoyed wearing it today because it is so effortless to wear with jeans and a cardy. 

Have a good week. Jo xxxx


  1. This blouse is very pretty, love it. In fact, I have blouse envy now. I think I might have this book and pattern box.... mmmm, there's me thinking. The fabric is ever so delightful, it will be perfect for the warm weather that is in the forecast for the next few days (fingers crossed). I hope your sewing machine is fixed soon xx

  2. i am always in ore of the things that you make Jo, I come from a long line of seamstresses but I am totally useless with a machine. Maybe one day I will take the plunge buy a machine and find a class to teach me properly. Till then I will carry on with my knitting, crocheting and cross stitch.


  3. Your blouse looks very pretty and suits you Jo. I kept forgetting to watch the recent Sewing Bee series, which is a shame as I had enjoyed the previous ones. The early series was particularly good as they showed some 'how to do' simple or soft furnishing project/tips. Glad you've got your sewing machine back, Cx

  4. One of my very favorite things you have made so far Jo. I love the bigger collar, what a great touch. You did a wonderful job.