Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The Resolution Blanket Begins

I have started my Spice for Life stash busting blanket for 2019. It is going well, when I say that, I mean 'well' for me: I don't have the right stitch count and it might all go extremely wrong but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

I like the variety of stitches and colours. I am feeling my way with the colours and might have to leave out some that I have selected. I have selected some not on colour, but simply because I have a bit of a ball left over so I need to be prepared to change my mind. 

I have a lot of balls of DK to use. All donated wool from people who know I knit and crochet. It is a curse and a blessing all rolled into one. You have to take the rough with the smooth; the good with the ugly and the dull with the true gems - that is just the risk you take when you say, "Oooh thank you, that would be lovely!"

That orange is troubling me, especially now that I have seen it on a photo so he might be the first casualty. The amount of ends to weave in is already unsettling so I am going to do a chunk at a time and not leave it until the end.

On the whole, I am a happy bunny with an easy crochet project to pick up and put down as the year rolls on.

Are you crocheting something colourful?
Jo xxxxx


  1. Good luck Jo. I rather like the orange in the mis I think it gives the other colours a bit of zing.

  2. In my world, there is never enough orange! Just love all shades of it. I am also planning a stash busting crochet blanket. The beauty of crochet is that it is a real yarn eater. Mine is going to be v-stitch top to bottom. I am looking forward to see your blanket grow, it looks lovely already. x

    1. I know you love a V-stitch and I must say it has been one of my favourite combinations so far (I have got a little further than the picture) and really enjoyed doing them.

  3. Ha ha,that reminded me of someone who gave me a lot of yarn,it absolutely reeked of smoke ! the blanket looks cheery,I like all the different stitches.I have nearly finished Humpheys ( Dog ) blanket,just doing the border.Happy Crafting.x

  4. I am making the Trellis stitch pattern blanket ( Attic 24) . Though in my own colours. Easy pattern. You could fit a couple of rows of this in your blanket.I am nearly halfway. If you are in doubt.....then don't use the orange.

  5. Just finished one for Bertie and now starting on one for Honey, I am using up all the oddments of Aran wool I have.

  6. Hi Jo. I've just made a mixed stitch striped blanket. I didn't want to sew in all the ends so I crocheted a binding in double crochet which I stitched on encasing the ends inside.

  7. This looks like a lovely project for the new year.

  8. I think you are right about the orange, it is a little too abrupt in that beautiful basket of yarn. Have fun with your blanket.

  9. I like it so far. I think those slightly bonkers, stash-busting blankets can be fabulous in all their mis-matched glory, although if a colour is really troubling you then get rid. I can usually offload any unwanted DK onto to mum (she's a crochet blanket making machine).