Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Spice for Life Blanket

This should been a long term stash busting project but it turned out to be such a row turner that the yarn was simply gobbled up night after night. I have really enjoyed making this blanket, it has been the most fulfilling project. One of my new years crafting resolutions eaten away as quickly as I made it.

These kind of blankets are always a little bonkers but I simply love making them. If they turnout really awful you can always donate them to a dog basket nearby. As it turned out, this one was a corker.

I thought that the little bit of orange I had in my original basket would end up being rejected but I found another whole ball of orange. I felt that if I could repeat orange within the overall blanket it would look more intentional rather than just one rogue stripe of orange and I am glad I used it now. I am normally a little frightened of yellow but again ensuring that it was evenly distributed on slimmer rows gave it a real colour lift.

I sewed the ends in at about every third point of the blanket so that it wasn't too daunting. Did I follow the pattern? A little bit here and there. Unfortunately,I started with more chains than the original pattern stated to get a bigger blanket but was then unable to use the waypoint stitch counts to keep me on track so there are some wobbly edges. I repeated my favourite stitch combinations and left some others after I had tried them once. I found out that I really like doing a V-stitch.

I don't mind the wobbly edge though, it is just for us to use as a TV blanket when we all sit down together. I did however rather enjoy making it in February. February is definitely the time to make a blanket. It kept me warm as I made it. 

For the border, I kept some yarn back. I used a granny stitch to give some movement on the uneven edge and stayed away from a double crochet edge which would have exacerbated the issue. The final row is crab stitch or reverse double crochet.

This is Bruce today not knowing that he was going to go to the dog groomers in an hours time. 

We had put him on a diet because we thought he was getting a bit chubby but...

...it turns out he was just really really hairy!

Anyway, The spice for life blanket is especially good as a stash busting choice because it is very versatile and you can dip in and out of the pattern and colour choices. I recommend it.

Are you stash busting? Stupid question really - you probably all are! Thanks for dropping in. Jo xxx


  1. Oh wow that blanket really zings absolutely fabulous. Tell Bruce from me that he looks very handsome now he is clipped and very grown up. The plus side for him is that he doesn’t need to diet now so a treat after the groomers.

  2. The blanket is gorgeous. I love the colours and the fact you'll all be snuggled under it together.
    Bruce looks very smart. He's like a whole new dog. X

  3. That is a lovely blanket and Bruce is stood by it proudly, does he know you are keeping it and it's not his? ;) x

  4. What a gorgeous blanket! I love the variety of stitches and colours and what a great way to keep cosy and warm whilst crocheting it when you got the chance!

  5. A gorgeous blanket, I absolutely love it. And oh how handsome Bruce is. And very nicely modelled by him.

  6. What a difference a few hours at the groomers can do, Bruce is adorable. Mickey is in need of a good cut too. Loved the blanket such a wonderful array of colour and stitches. I am stash busting making blankets one I have just finished for Bertie and I am now working on one for Honey.

  7. Such a beautiful blanket! I see you braved the orange! You must have been working day and night, the blanket grew very quickly indeed. I suppose if you are hooked on a project, you want to work on it all the time. I am not stash busting at all but I really should. I am thinking of making another v-stitch blanket. Have a lovely week xx

  8. Hello, long time lurker here, but your pictures of Bruce kicked me into saying hello. He's a handsome chap and your blanket is lovely x

  9. Beautiful blanket! The colours are so gorgeous!
    P S Can't see your email address on here to send you a link for the shelf brackets....if you email me (link on my blog side bar) I'll send it over! xxx

  10. The blanket is stunning, it looks very snuggly

  11. Stunning cheery blanket Jo.I love Bruce,he is so handsome and a lot less hairy hee hee.x

  12. WOW!!! The blanket is wonderful, and Bruce is surprisingly slim! xx