Saturday, 14 July 2018


Enjoying - making a crochet blanket in the garden. 

Making - jam from allotment fruit

Considering - what to do with more and more raspberries.

Eating - Jamie Oliver's 15 minute dinners. A salad for four with slow cooker potatoes. Yum!

Growing - Basil for the first time ever outside. Well done Heidi a wonderful salad box this year.

Deciding - on a bathroom for our new house, strange when it seems so far away from completion but first fix plumbing dictates

Building - we are choosing windows - tricky, I can tell you.

Fixing - nothing for a change!

Watching - Big Sis confidently go off on the bus to secondary school for her first induction days

Loving - Our roses this year. They have been stunning.

Disliking - watering the garden and allotment twice a day.

Wanting - a few more shrubs to fill in gaps in the garden.

Getting - all our garden jobs finished: new patio and seat in the sun and Meg's mosaics all hung up. 

Wearing - all of my handmade Dresses. Hooray!

Buying - some mint condition uncut vintage patterns. Swoon!

Wondering - How long the sunshine and hot weather will last.

Thinking - What to fill the Summer holidays with.

Feeling - Sweaty!

Jo xxxx


  1. Jo, your blanket is going to be beautiful. I love the look of that stitch. I'm so excited about your new house, I cannot wait to see more. I would love to pick out all the things to go into a house, but I can see where it would be stressful. I have a hard enough time in a house that's already done. I hope you're having a good weekend!

  2. Beautiful blanket Jo, lovely pattern and colours. Lovely photos in the garden. I remember it well, sending my boys (separately) off to secondary school on the bus and then (the eldest boy) off to college. They grow up too quick. Hope all goes well. Cathy x

  3. This is a perfect post to soothe my frayed nerves Jo. I remember choosing windows for our extension... so many things to consider that I never even thought might need to be considered! Good luck :-)

    Big sis sounds like a capable young girl - growing basil is not as easy as it may seem and heading off to big school is quite daunting, too. Wishing you a lovely Sunday evening. xx

  4. Reading - your post :D Your blanket is lovely and I enjoyed reading about your life in July:)

  5. Such a wonderful post so much to look forward to as well as thankful for so many good things. Exciting times working out bathroom fittings.

  6. I love the illustrations on those patterns! Enjoy the outdoor crochet

  7. Loving the crochet! The patio is looking grand and a great place to show off those mosaics. I'm also not enjoying all the watering as my water buts have been empty a while and we have three. Considering getting more so as not to get caught out in future! I hope the induction days went well. x

  8. Loved reading about your ings, Jo. :-) I appreciate your challenge in choosing elements for your new house, especially since we have been going through the process of choosing projects to get our house ready to sell. Lovely flowers and basil you have! xx

  9. Great Post as always,love your photos,that salad looks soooo yummy wowser that house will be brilliant.xx