Sunday, 30 July 2017

Portland Tie Top

I am still busting my way through my smaller pieces of donated stash. I made a betty blouse with this fabric and had a bit left over. 

There was not enough for anything with sleeves but I loved the top on the front of the Sewing world magazine I was featured in way back in February. It is called the Portland Tie Top.

I decided to give it a bit more of a luxury feel by lining it. This also gave a smoother finish and you could not see any bra lines through it. In fact I am wearing a black one today and no show.

It is a really pretty top and I have been waiting to photograph this since I decided to have my hair cut back into a bob. The bob is a bit short at the moment and I do feel a little bit like a 1940's evacuee but as it grows it will be back to being 1960's bobtastic.

I like the gentle A line shape which works for my hips and covers up my current straining waistband button.

I love the cut of the collar from the front. It looks severe but it is really comfortable.

Feel like a night out now. Jo x


  1. What a lovely top. The colour is really summery. The hair cut is pretty good too.

  2. Hope you had a great night out! I love the collar on this top, different and funky. A line is good, isn't it? Did you have a hair cut? You look great. x

  3. Really cute top. Great color. I'm feeling inspired to pull out my sewing machine.

  4. YAY for no bra lines!!! Your hair looks lovely!

  5. Fantastic! Hope you get to go somewhere lovely to show it off!

  6. That colour and style looks really good on you. I like the short cut too. xx

  7. Aw its lovely, the neckline is fab.

  8. Perfect time to have a shorter haircut. The tie would be totally lost with my hair. I can imagine with the lining, it feels quite luxurious to wear. It's OK. You are safe from being mistaken for a 40's evacuee. Yes. Go out and party.