Thursday, 9 February 2017

Stranded Knitting

I am continuing to hone my fair isle knitting skills. I am building up to a garment, maybe next year.My shoulder is getting better each month. This is the setesdal nordic pattern which I used on my hat but it is just a mash up of left over stash for practise really. It reminds me of a jumper my brother had in the 1970's!

I don't know about you, but I like my practise pieces to actually be something. I remember using my first ever crochet square with wobbly edges as a windscreen cloth in my car just so that it had a purpose. That was 10 years ago.

And so this story begins when my mum asked me to help her set up ravelry and her WI link on her new ipad. Apprehensively, she came round with her new bit of technology. I smiled because she still had it protected with the foam/polystrene envelope that it came in so I decided to make the ipad case from my Nordic knit book for her.

It is lined with a piece of self made felt from a shrunk jumper. I have quite a collection of these behind the sofa! I probably have enough to make a fleecy patch blanket - oooh now there's an idea...

anyway a fully-lined 70's inspired bit of intarsia knitting in exchange for this beauty:

An Aftur jumper which my mum has made for me. 
I LOVE, love, love this jumper :)

It is made from this FREE pattern here. Using Drops Nepal in these colours:

Thanks mum and happy knitting and learning on your new ipad. 
Jo x


  1. This jumper is beautiful - your mum has a lot of patience and talent making it for you!
    And the ipad cover is a great idea that your mum will love! What a great exchange.

  2. Love the jumper, really nice and well done :)

    Luisa x

  3. A great use for your practise piece. Wow a tablet hey there'll be no stopping her now.

  4. When I was at school, we had a folder for practice pieces. Your idea of a practice piece is so much more fun and useful. Love your jumper, particularly the green bits, such a beautiful green! Two talented women working together and for each other - perfect. x

  5. I totally agree, all practice makes should be usable if at all possible!
    The jumper is gorgeous, your mum is a very even knitter, I'm super impressed.

  6. Oh! This is so beautiful. I'd be wearing that every day. :) xoxo