Thursday, 26 January 2017

Cardmaking for 2017

I often have a flurry of card making at the start of the year. I can sometimes make enormous batches which seem like more than I would ever use but they always seem to be gone by the end of the year. 

This month I decided to try out some paper crafting materials from Minerva my sponsor. I received a paper card pad by Tilda, some large white blank cards and a couple of good quality gel pens.

I really enjoy making cards. They are an instant creative hit. I have made them for so long now I have absolutely no idea how much it costs to buy a card from the shop! 

The kind of paper crafting I like to do does not involve lots of bought products but a happy mix of recycled and found objects. This one is a combination of layered squares of paper and card with a doodle border. Simple but I like it.

This patchwork design is useful to use up the little strips that get cut off the end of the main piece. I use this method a lot in many different guises. This one is finished with found buttons and another doodle border.

Squares are my thing when I make cards. They seem to always balance well. This one is a good example of the rule of three. Three squares vertically and then three features horizontally. A card for a sewing friend I think...

I love this design too. I sometimes teach it at a craft class because people are amazed how easy it is to do for such a complicated effect. I also like that you only need paper, scissors and glue. You can find a tutorial for it here because it is not my design, it is by Melissa Samuels.

I start to get super creative by the time I am ready to pack away. I try and use up all the bits off the table rather than throwing them all back into the drawer. Can you spot the last little square of the ditsy floral print? Another stitchy themed card.

Here they all are ready to be stored away in my card organiser. 

I have plenty more tilda card and ideas to make many more. I think sometimes people over think cards - you just needs scissors, card pens and glue really.
Do you make cards?

Jo xx


  1. These are lovely! Such fun to make and I bet whoever receives them will feel extra special because its hand-made!

  2. Your cards all look lovely Jo! Such pretty designs...and I like the buttons :)
    Helen xox

  3. Your cards are beautiful! Anyone who receives one must feel very special indeed! I can tell you that it would cost a small fortune to buy any card as lovely as these!

  4. While I admire all the cards you showed us here, the matryoshka card especially got my attention, because I have a young friend who collects matryoshka and I know she would be delighted to receive such a card. Thanks so much for the link, and the creative inspiration you share here, Jo! xx

  5. The sewing card is beautiful! If I were you I'd frame it!!!

  6. Beautiful cards, I love that you included buttons on some. I make my own cards too...made with love.

  7. Lovely cards Jo. May pinch one of the ideas for a card of mine.

  8. Well done, you are officially the most organised person I know x

  9. Yes I do and they are now being sold in a friend's shop, which is exciting. I'm not as organized as you though and usually make them as required. I like your patchwork card, do you use punches and dies?

    1. I have circle and square punches. I have never quite managed to throw much money at cardmaking so have never really got into using dies. Good Luck with your cards.

  10. They are lovely , so much better than shop bought ones. I like the one with the mannequin. xx