Sunday, 29 January 2017

#bettyblouse FREE download link

It is good to try new skills. I have been having a go at pin tucks using a free download for the Betty Blouse pattern. My slippy viscose fabric choice did not make it easy for my first attempt at pin tucks. One is a bit bigger but I was pleased with the rest.

The reason I chose this fabric for this pattern was because the cotton version on the pattern picture stuck out too much at the shoulders for my liking therefore I was looking for a softer drape. 

It feels lovely when I wear it. I did have to make some intermediate modifications for using this fabric rather than a light cotton.

I added a neckband rather than using bias binding facings. The fabric was not strong enough against the bias binding - it hung down to reveal the binding. I did not bind the arms either, I just made a really small turned hem so that they would 'waterfall' I took a smidgen off the front neck edge too for a slicker shape.

To finish the hem I used a narrow rolled hem to make it really fine. I did not use a special foot I just passed it through the machine twice. I used french seams for the sides because it was fraying quite quickly. I cut a 12 so that I would have plenty to play with for the french seams.

Oh yeah! the other mod I made is for my bum. I had to make vents at the side for my hips, that old chestnut! That is a saying not a simile for my bum...

This fabric was given to me in an enormous stash haul at the beginning of the year. I did not buy it - promise. In fact I have been given more stuff in January than I could possibly believe from three different people who did not know my 2017 'no buy' pledge - fabric, wool and patterns. I really should stop saying yes. But when you can make a free top like this, why not?

Pattern : Betty Blouse download
Fabric: Polyester Viscose 
Thread: Stash

Thanks for dropping by. I am still without photo editing software so sorry about the grey photos however it really is that dusky duck egg blue colour. Jo xxx


  1. Such a pretty blouse! Even better that you didn't spend any money.

  2. What a lovely colour and the blouse looks brilliant. Well done Jo suits you too.

  3. YOu look lovely Jo great new blouse.

  4. I looks beautiful Jo how do you manage to sew that kind of fabric without it slipping?

  5. Such a delicate colour and a pretty blouse. Nice work with the pin-tucks using viscose!!

  6. Brave, Jo! I admire your work! xx

  7. So pretty. Love those sleeves and the pintucks are so delicate.

  8. What a lovely top, the fabric is very pretty and just right for the pattern isn't it. Well done on the rolled hem and the pintucks!!

  9. Nice job! pin tucks and rolled hems can't be easy with a delicate fabric like that. It looks great, I love the colour