Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Winter Project Link Party

Hi! if you have just popped over from Thistlebear on the Link party. Thanks for stopping by. I have quite a few winter projects on the go at the moment.

I still can't knit and crochet for more than half an hour at a time but that does not stop me from starting things somehow.

I am currently trying to knit continental style to stop my shoulder from hurting but if I am honest all knitting hurts. However, I am enjoying trying to get to grips with this knitting style as appose to finger throwing as I do at the moment and it is marginally better. (Thanks for the pointers Mary) This yarn is called Cascade Luna and is 100% Peruvian cotton. It is lofty, soft and light - it was also half price.

I also have a crochet project hibernating. It has been in mid flow since the Summer holidays but it has fell out of season for any effort to be sent towards it. Who needs to a crochet a sleeveless poolside cover up in December? It will keep for another day.

I am also making a pair of boot tops with a sock loom to give my arm variety but it is a bit slow going and again really isn't pain free. I have a feeling I will be making a swimsuit cover up in February and boot toppers in July at this rate!

I 'accidently' started another sock yarn shawl but now the rows are getting longer I have popped it in my WIP's basket to pick up and put down depending on how bored I am.

Finally, on a more cheery note, my mum has offered to knit me something for my birthday in January of my choosing. I really wanted to make a fair isle style sweater myself this year but I know I can't do that at the moment so I have ordered the wool for her to make me one. She is a great accurate knitter so I am very excited about it.

I had lots of fun designing the colour combinations for the yoke so it still feels like I am involved in it. I made the chart nice and big on A3 so mum can see it easily and cross off as she goes.


What are you knitting or crocheting at the moment?
Jo x


  1. Last year I caused myself an injury by knitting too much over a prolonged period of time over one day. This meant my head was bowed down too long. This damaged my neck and shoulder. It was amazing to me that knitting on with one little cowl could cause so much harm. Previously I had been absolutely pain free and no issues at all. It may be a nuisance but some inconvenience now is better than long term problems and permanent damage.

    I completely stopped knitting and crocheting for 12 weeks and then started again, 20 minutes at a time. I have to say I am not fully better. My shoulder and neck play up in the cold (they tense up), when I carry things, when doing mild activity etc. and certainly I can no longer knit and crochet as much as I like - I do it but with plenty of breaks. Depending on the activity I can still get a lot of pain if I over do it.

    What I am trying to say is that although I am ostensibly better, I am no means back to normal about a year and a half later. I am glad I took the decision to rest fully for 12 weeks, as I am sure otherwise it would be worse. So my advise would be to rest now in the hope that you ameliorate from harm later and give healing its very best chance. It is very hard to do that I know. Even looking down to read is difficult for me now. We should pay attention to what our bodies tell us. Don't knit through any pain. Stop and rest.

    1. Thank you. I had a two month break and that was good. I am on the slow road to recovery.

  2. The blue in the fist photo is fabulous love it. Interested in the fair isle yoke cardigan just love the colours. Good job mum a great idea. Is the hard drive up and running yet?

  3. Wonderful projects, I love them all. I was impressed with the crochet top pool dress I have a pattern similar that I am going to make for the girls ready for next years holiday once Christmas is over. Look after yourself.

  4. It is always interesting and inspiring to see what projects you are working on, Jo. Thanks for sharing. Currently I have been knitting tiny cotton washcloths and crocheting some tiny Christmas wreath ornaments. You have made me think...months ago I knit a tiny square on flexible needles and hurt something in my right palm. I never had it evaluated by a doctor...just massage it from time to time and it is getting better...slowly. I'm cheering us on to fully heal! xx

  5. I hope that you are soon able to increase your crafting time and do a little more each day without pain as you have so many lovely things on the go. Happy crafting - even in small amounts!!

  6. Lovely projects, your wise to keep your knitting and crochet to a small time frame. I love how your mum has offered to knit you a jumper and a lovely pattern too x

  7. Oh you busy bee! I don't often knit/crochet for more than 30 minutes, short attention span :-) Hope you can slowly increase your daily knitting dose over the next few weeks, your projects are really nice. Three cheers for your fabulous mum!
    P.S. as a die-hard continental knitter (Northern Europe, not Southern Europe style), I don't understand why not everyone would want to endorse it fully, so fluid and time/movement efficient. Glad it is making a bit of a difference for you. xx

  8. I have injured myself two times with shoulder/carpal tunnel issues and once with my thumb all while knitting. My swimmer son used to make so much fun of my, "injuries" he would laugh hysterically as I wore splints on my wrists. I love all of your projects, be kind to yourself, they will all get done and you will heal.

  9. I can relate to not being able to do all of the crafting you want to do because of pain. frustrating isn't it? well done on finding some cascade at half price, isn't it funny how yarn looks and feels so much better when it's half price?;) You've certainly got enough projects to keep you going this winter! I like to have a few different projects to switch between too. My husband has just woven me a piece of fabric that will become a cushion cover eventually out of drops nepal. It's a lovely yarn, I just want to touch and stroke his weaving whenever I walk past it. It'll be gorgeous as a fair isle jumper.

  10. Hi Jo, thank you for joining in with my link party! I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder injury. I've been having a lot of hand pain when crocheting lately. I think it's because I've been working mainly with cotton yarn, which I find so tough to use. I wanted to make two more butterflies for my daughter's gift that I shared on my link party post but I'm thinking I may leave it alone because I kind of shudder at the thought of crocheting with that cotton again. I love your projects, especially that sock yarn shawl. The colors are beautiful. How lovely for your mum to offer to knit you a sweater, that is so nice. I really like the pattern and colors you came up with. It's going to be beautiful.