Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Mouse

Very few words today, just my usual blog vocabulary...

Left over yarn scraps...

Little bit of knitting...

 Find the pattern here...

Sometimes the pictures just say it all and I am glad you can't see the rest of my house! Jo xx


  1. Your Christmas mouse is so pretty :) Have a very happy new year xx

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the pattern link. We have been stirring up the dust around here...dusting and trying to catch some of it in the vacuum...cough...gasp... xx

  3. Such a sweet little mouse. Looks lovely in the light.

  4. Love your Christmas mouse - vowing to make ornaments for next year, great idea to point camera away from piles of wrapping and empty chocolate boxes!

  5. O. M. Gosh!!
    That little mouse is just too cute!
    And to be honest, "Christmas Mess" is the happiest mess of the whole year!! To be quickly followed by "Birthday Mess".
    Here's to wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

  6. That's is so cute, I'm really impressed that you have found time for knitting in the Christmas break. I did manage a little crochet whilst finally watching Christmas bake off last night, the first creative thing in a week I think!
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Don't worry about the state of the house, once the deckies come down it always looks tidy/bare for a day or two!