Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sleepover diary

It's nice. My girls seem popular at school. But the birthday parties are something else. The invitations come thick and fast. I don't think they really realise, it is me that gets the cards and the presents. Luckily I can make both which saves me a heap of money but can obviously be time consuming. Tonight Big Sis has been invited to her first sleepover. 

I cut out a little pair of pyjamas from scraps and appliqued them onto a rectangle of fabric

The two pieces of cotton from fat quarters were stiffened with interfacing then sewn together. I top stitched mine at the end remembering to sew the ribbons into the seam.

Then I folded some paper to make the pages, printing out a little title page on the computer. I added a bit of doodling too. Look away if you love your sewing machine, but I sewed through the whole lot on the machine. I guess it won't do the needle much good but it whizzed through well.

It turned out just fine. I have a paperback book to add to the gift too, my fallback birthday present is always a story book. Big Sis already has one of these little diaries which is where I got the idea from. Now they can both giggle, write and share stories.

I think I will knock up a few more of these and put them in my present basket. In a weird kind of way I am not worried about the sleepover as by a freak coincidence it is a new girl in her class who bought my dad's house in May. She knows the big house, the bathrooms, the huge garden and my nephew who lives next door. 
Weird hey!

Thanks for looking. Jo x


  1. Great present....hope the sleepover goes well!

  2. I think sleep overs offer plenty of opportunity for anxiety - unless you know the parents extremely well. I am glad they didn't tend to happen when my daughter was young. Other people's parents can be kind of alarming to some children (sometimes with good reason) and I wouldn't want my daughter to have to deal with it. She wouldn't have minded the unfamiliar surroundings, just the weirdness of some other families. Some of which I wouldn't want my daughter staying with and which relies on a strong element of trust. It must be difficult saying no when you feel you would like to.

  3. Your diary presents are so cute !! :) great idea!!

  4. Great presents. My big boy has had a sleepover and we have had the boy back too. I felt a lot more nervous when we had his friend here! The responsibility!

  5. Perfect present for a little girl

  6. I love this diary! I always made gifts when my kids were invited to parties, and they made the card. I'm staggered when I see how much money is spent on party gifts for my grandchildren's generation. Keep up the good work with your handmade gifts.

  7. Another first for Big Sis! You are sending her off in fine form, Jo. I like to give activity oriented gifts...something to make or use in a fun way, and the Sleepover Diary is a clever idea made extra-special thanks to your design efforts. Thanks for posting! xx

  8. What a beautiful gift, such a lovely idea.