Wednesday, 28 October 2015

First Socks

My Minerva sponsored materials this month come in the shape of sock yarn. I know folks, I have embarked on my first pair of socks. I don't know if I particularly want to wear hand knitted socks but I wanted to master Double Pointed Needle knitting. It was one of my new years resolutions.

It is a bit fiddly to get started but it soon gets easier when the knitting gets longer. 

I have gone from crocheting a thick wool project to 4ply so it feels very dainty but I enjoyed it.

I am using the beginner sock pattern from Ravelry. So many people have done it and said it is a good pattern for beginners but then I hit some problems and switched to this rather super blog post tutorial by Susan Anderson.

I knit one way back in late July when we were staying with my Aunt and Uncle in their caravan. My aunt started a pair too but she has been hooked and got way ahead of me.

So here is a tah dah! from both of us.

My Aunt sent these little stunners in the post for Little M for her birthday.

The colours of Autumn, I think. I even managed to match up the yarn pattern quite well too.

They are a bit of a tight fit on me but Big Sis loves them so she has put them under her pillow to wear in bed. Would I make some more? Yes I think so but I need to be a bit more generous with my foot length measurement next time. 

Here we are playing cozy toes before bedtime.

Thanks for the Autumn inspired yarn Minerva there are so many shades I want to try in this yarn.

Any Tips or pattern recommendations? 
There are a lot of beautiful sock knitters out there.

Jo xxxx


  1. Two fabulous pairs of socks!!! I am not a knitter, let alone for socks, but can I recommend that you go to Winwick Mum's blog and see her sock tutorials. She is becoming a renowned sock knitter and teacher so that might help! xx

  2. Yeah, sock knitting! I spent an entire year designing and knitting socks.There are 12 patterns over at mine for free download. It is nice to wear knitted socks in bed, I am with Big Sis on that one. Well done for mastering double pointed needles! x

    1. Well I knew you were a sock knitter but I didn't know you had patterns so I will pop over there. Jo x

  3. Hurray, someone making a pair of knitted socks and not making a fuss about how difficult it all is! As you seem to have found, it is really pretty straightforward. Dpn's need a slight adjustment to get used to which doesn't take long at all, then it is all about knitting very simply round and round for much of the sock. Turning the heel is no more difficult than any other set of knitting instructions (very much easier than many other things in fact) and the toe and gusset shaping involves either simple increasing or decreasing for a time - all contained in the pattern. No idea why this is held up to be such a difficult thing for knitters to do. Seriously in the not too distant past, 7 year olds used to make them. Now grown adults act as they are the most incredibly difficult thing to do and run in fear from making a simple pair of socks and act as if people who do make socks have some incredibly unachievable skills they don't have. It really is 'just' knitting!

    If people want to make socks, just grab a pattern and yarn and go. No need for 'sock classes' as if they are some major hurdle of learning to get over. If you do have any problems - and don't things go wrong sometimes with all our knitting? - then simply refer to a decent reference book or online.

    I love knitted socks, they keep feet warmer in winter and cool in the summer. They can be very beautiful and you can wear colours that you wouldn't normally as they don't need to suit our complexions. Sock knitting is lovely and anyone who can knit the basic stitches and there are only two, can make them. The results are beautiful.

  4. Ooh ooh!! This is one thing I want to have a go at xxx well done Jo. You never cease to inspire me xx I just need to learn to finish things before starting something new. On saying that, I have recently finished my first wave blanket xx

  5. Hooray for you with your socks! I bet you won't want to go back to bought socks after wearing them for a while! Amy has very kindly recommended my pattern - it's a really basic one with tutorials for beginners - but I'd agree that you should take a look at Christina's too as they're fab! xx

  6. I can't use the dpns very well at all. Too fiddly for my fingers. I can recommend a 2 needle pattern though, 4ply wool .( I have made several pairs. You just have to seam them with a small kitchener stitch,which can't be felt. I recently made a long pair of socks .2 needles again. Sirdar Crofter dk. pattern 9135. There are short socks,leg warmers and wrist/arm warmers on the pattern too. Self patterning wool .These are seamed down each side of the foot. My next pair will be using the old pattern, in Rico cotton stretch print superwash. Gorgeous mixed Autumn colours. I bought this as recommended by the lady at the wool shop in Paignton where I was on holiday. The pair she was knitting looked great. Do you know I'm going to cast them on now I've said that, lol.

  7. They look great - the self pattern shows up really well.

  8. I am in awe of anyone who can knit well, never mind knit socks, and these are gorgeous. I like the yarn you used and I bet they are going to be amazingly warm and cosy to wear. x

  9. Well done, Jo! I have used dpn for all the socks I have knit so far, although I have one on circular needles using the magic loop method. It has been in a time out basket for months...years? xx

  10. Fabulous socks and they look so cosy.
    Marianne x

  11. Wow get you! I have just spent a happy half an hour catching up with al the posts i seem to have missed...those prawns...phoar yum yum, def coming to stay with you soon!! ? best ash xxxxx