Monday, 23 March 2015

When craft drives you crazy

The winner of the Tilda card giveaway is Pam from A New Life in Wales. Congratulations Pam.

Help! my craft has all gone crazy. So many Works In Progress with many of them teetering on disaster.

A school cardigan for Little M. but the side fronts don't match the back??? Action: frog the back.

Started my man knit for 2015 but can't do the pattern. I started to do a plain stocking stitch instead but measured it against one of his jumpers when he was out last night and it is way too big. Action:frog it.

Writing a pattern and making a crochet top for summer 
but ran out of yarn. So I frogged it and will try a girls top instead.

After reading Mereknits last night it spurred me on to be honest and show the not so good stuff too!

Have you got plenty of WIP's on the go? Any disasters lately?

Jo xxx


  1. WIP Mountain here, I do try not to have more than 10 things on the go but sometimes fail, miserably. I have a special black box for abject failures, I am happy to say that the last one, a skirt with the print running down the front and up the back has been turned into a toddler dress and bolero. My last disaster was a sweater that was frogged within minutes of finishing, nothing worked when all the bits were put together. The yarn went to the charity shop. I am so excited with my win, thank you so much. I will be having a giveaway quite soon, so keep an eye out.

  2. Today as I was outside taking some pictures of the garden, all pretty in the sun, spring flowers coming up, you know the kind of thing, someone started up a chainsaw and started chopping down a tree - not so pretty and springy and lovely hey! It happens to us all! I hope that you can work all of the froggings out! xx

  3. I'm sure we have all had these moments Jo. Not disasters of late but we are only in March. I have lots of new ideas whizzing around in the old grey matter but need to consolidate some of the ideas and decided which one to go with .

  4. Any completed project in this house would be a good thing. I currently have a blanket, two quilts, a cushion, a hat & a cardigan on the go. So much to do & so little time to do it in, my biggest disaster at present is the mysterious disappearance of two Liberty fat quarters for one of the quilts, god knows where they've been filed away to! Congrats Pam on your win x

  5. Such a shame to have things go wrong when you have worked so hard. Hopefully it will all come good second time around.

  6. I just 'binned' a top I was sewing because the chiffon I chose defeated me. Utterly. One sleeve is set in but I can't do the other and the gathering in the front neckline is moving after sewing. xx

  7. How frustrating, we all have times like this. I find the hardest thing is picking it back up after the frogging xx

  8. Ah....I think there are disasters around every turn during my days!!! I have no doubt that you will get these projects in tip top shape! You have that magic my friend! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead....and congrats to the lucky winner! Nicole xo

  9. Ouch, some painful frogging there! Hope you manage to turn them all around.
    Love that blue yarn of your OH's jumper.

  10. Yes, in fact I took the day off to rest a little today, frog some projects that have been lay aside to "think " about what to do with ( shhhh frog it :) and sew a little.
    Too bad they didn't work out it looked like nice projects .... :)

  11. Boy have I been there! Frogging projects, yarn that does not behave, sweater backs that don't match the fronts. It will all come together and soon you will be showing us all a brilliant complete project we will all want to make. thank you fro the honest post my friend.

  12. Ooh super nice!! Love it.
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  13. Well now.......look at all the good frogging you did, Jo......trying to put a good spin on your challenges :-) xx