Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pepe skirt photo diary

This post is purely a follow up to last weeks moment of skirt glory. Thank you so much for your comments, I was overwhelmed. I am guessing some of you are here because you clicked the link on Ravelry and want to fathom out the Pepe Skirt mystery.

The pattern is not published (see forum discussions on it's origin) but you can obtain the charts from HERE. I will show you a photo after each chart and share any tips I found out along the way. This is not my pattern and should not be credited to me - I am simply sharing my project as a photo diary.

Starter information:

I used a 3.5 mm hook. 
I used Rico Baby cotton soft DK (8 balls)
I use UK terms when I am describing things
I am giving guidance not a pattern translation!
You need to be a competent chart follower to complete this skirt
It is a photo diary so light conditions are different in the shots as they were taken over time, some in the day and some at night (sorry!)

Chart 1 

To make size 14 I used a foundation chain of 168. If you want to go up or down you need to use multiples of 12 to increase or decrease.

I made a waistband of 4 rows of double crochet

At the end of chart 1 it will look like this:

The last row is chain 6, dc in each space preparing you for joining on chart 2. There were 30 spaces ready for the diagonal section.

Chart 2

I pondered over this one for a long time. I wanted to start the section whilst still joined to the skirt but took the plunge and chained 25 on it's own, turned work and trebled 25 then joined to the loop, turned, double crocheted 3 and trebled to the end.

Today it looks like this:

The red marker is where I finished chart 1. You can see the start of the diagonal section at the right hand end of the first row.

When you have finished all the way round and have used all the loops up, join the two diagonals with dc on the wrong side. Chart 2 finished. 

Chart 3 is easy. Just rows of trebles in groups of 4 with 3 chains between each. Here is a good place to lengthen or shorten your skirt. I made 4 rows of chart 3 and left the other 4 rows but I am short so think about your waist to knee length.

Chart 4 begins with a row of double crochet. Then you can work the drops individually. 

Chain 3, treble 7, turn (repeat)
Chain 1, decrease 1 using trebles, treble 6
chain 1, make 4 treble clusters.
chain 3, treble 3.
then ss along the edge of the droplet to start the next one.

The next part of chart 4 looks complicated but is easy. 
Chain 8 between each droplet, it pulls in a bit but looks better in a few rows time. Follow the chart using trebles for the line marks and chains for the dot marks.

Looking good?

So continuing on ...

 ...then you start the pineapple motifs on every other droplet using double trebles.

I hope you don't run out of yarn 3 rows from the end and have to wait in suspense while another one arrives from wool warehouse. Which is what I am doing right now... they were £2.29, I used 8

OK it's here Completed.

Good Luck folks! Link back to here if you found it useful so others can share too or click yes to 'Was this helpful? in the entry on ravelry.Thanks
 Jo xxxx


  1. Thank you Jo for posting this Pepe Skirt pattern, I am going to have a go at it. I am thinking of lining it in something with a lot of bling. I feel like bling in the middle of this terrible winter. If I had your figure and was younger I'd wear it with leggings.


  2. O my gosh, thank you!
    This calls for humming Joni Mitchell and dusting off my cowboy boots.
    Can't wait to give it a go. Really helpful for decoding. You are awesome!

  3. Commented already but I think I lost it. Dozy twit this morning! Love this skirt and the photo diary is so good. I think that I may just pop it in to my to do list.

  4. Might have to give this one a try. It's amazing! Your sure to get many compliments on it.
    xx Beca

  5. Wonderful to see how you worked on your skirt Jo!!! xx

  6. Have I told you lately that you are amazing?

  7. Beautiful, beautiful work Jo!!! Thanks so much for sharing it and letting me admire it! xx

  8. Oh ,if I was young and your shape, I would definitely wear it! Its lovely.

  9. If only I was thin! It's beautiful Jo, and looks lovely on you :)

  10. That skirt is gorgeous - it looks great on you! Hmmm, making me think a crochet skirt could be a good project to add to the list!
    Maria x