Monday, 2 June 2014

Sunday Garden Delights

Our garden is looking great at the moment. Our garden is like having a fringe, it looks great for a while and then POW! it needs cutting overnight. While we were away it rained a lot so it filled out and the wall flowers went over and needed removing.

This outhouse belongs to our next door neighbour and I have tried painting it to make it look OK but the wall needs repair really. I have just bought a clematis to ramble over it instead - that is a bit of a girly answer to the problem isn't it?

Our own wall runs along next doors boundary and we had this rebuilt about 5 years ago. I like the mix of shade loving plants here.

There are corners of greatness that are absolutely nothing to do with me. This fern comes every year in the background of the the self seeded aquilegia. This part of the garden is on the lower section so you can see through to that outhouse in the background.

This is my favourite aquilegia of all. It is called 'strawberries and cream' isn't it just stunning? I try to collect seeds every year and give them to as many people as possible. My mum has grown some successfully from my seed.

In front of the fern I have a little collection of pots. At this time of year they have lillies in. I swap about six pots over and over depending on the time of year. I usually plant up the pedestal pot with fuschia and trailing things but I was a bit short of cash this year so have gone for a rocket salad bowl.

These herbaceous iris are fantastic but I sometimes miss them in bloom because we always go away in Whit May week but they are just great at the moment. My neighbour was digging them up and throwing them away about four years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pink, blue, purple palette runs from the very front with the chives to the back with the iris over the whole garden. (remember, I am frightened of yellow, so none of that here)

You would think from the photos I have a massive garden, I do not. This is it from above, warts and all: shed, greenhouse, cars and water butt. 

The top garden which is slightly raised up from the lower one is the grassy play patch with chickens and playhouse round to the right. So there we are, a little garden tour to delight.

After a bit of salad sowing and light weeding I sat a while on the slabs and watched the bees.

Happy Gardening. Jo xx


  1. Your garden is a beautiful riot of colour x

  2. Small but beautiful. Some real delights to be found, The iris is looking particularly good, ours haven't opened at all yet. Loved the vintage style deckchairs, it reminded me of the seaside, when you hire them out. Have a good week.

  3. Less is more remember and what you have achieved with your little patch is stunning. We're nearly at the stage of either increasing the borders or putting more things in pots and swapping around. I think your salad bowl is a great idea at least you get to eat what you grow. I have grown salad bowls in the past when the big kids were at home but now there are just the three of us we can't seem to eat it all, may try a small one again though.

  4. Oh is just beautiful! I would say that you have so much going on and so much goodness here friend! Just look at that stunning shade assortment you have there! Everything from your pots to your irises are just so heavenly! I have been running a bit behind on my blog catch up but I did read your last post about your trip and it looked like such a good time! Wishing you an outstanding week friend and happy gardening right back at ya! Nicole xo

  5. It was a lovely Sunday to garden this weekend wasn't it. I love your aquilega, the colour is wonderful. Your garden is like mine, full to the brim of lovingly tended to plants. Lots of work but so much reward. Have a wonderful week x

  6. It all looks very pretty, Jo. I especially love the corner by the outhouse with the shade-loving plants. It looks really nice, like a little storybook garden.

  7. It all looks so lovely Jo...even the crumbling wall has a romantic look about it :-)
    Tracey xxx

  8. Your garden may not be massive, but it is beautiful and you have made great use of the space and have some lovely plants growing!! Catching up here, so I just read your last post too, glad that you had a good holiday - well apart from that bit of rain! - sounds as though it was lovely. If I remember I will be borrowing the watch strap idea as my watch strap is totally worn out and I cannot seem to get a new one - I need a stretchy one - thank you for such a great idea, I am glad that it has been such a hit at your end too! xx

  9. Thank you for the garden tour! You work wonders in your space! So many beautiful, thriving plants...Chrissie x

  10. Your garden is beautiful, no matter the size. It is a delight at every angle.
    Hugs to you,

  11. Hi Jo you have a lovely garden, the flowers are just heavenly - we have the same problem with the next door as their plants eat through our fence and makes everything look untidy - our neighbour is lovely but this is a problem for us. You have done really well with yours Jo, it is just lovely.
    Big hugs

  12. Thanks for not keeping your lovely garden a secret, Jo. I admire it! xx

  13. Your garden really does look gorgeous! You have some lovely plants there. I love watching the bees too, sam xx

  14. Thanks for the tour, Jo, your garden is looking lovely! You have lots going on. Ours is a bit the same, nothing really happens, then right about now, everything starts growing and looking lush. Let's hope we get some good weather now so we can enjoy our gardens a bit more. :)