Tuesday, 15 April 2014

All Done #1

I am going to put together a few posts over the next few months to show how I use up every bit of something until it is 'All done' I don't like to have bits of useless craft stash left over filling cupboards all over the house. I like to use what it was bought/given for and then keep the momentum going until it has all gone.

This post is all about that lovely jersey I bought 
that went all pear shaped...

Did you ever have a post office set as a child and was too afraid to use the stamps because then they would all be gone and then by the time you found the box set in the bottom of the wardrobe a few years later you were too old to enjoy it. Well, that scenario is accurately described because that happened to me and so I like to get the fun out of things. No saving for best, enjoy the moment, I learnt my lesson long ago...

So, you may remember I made an almighty mess of an adult tunic. I didn't shove it into the fabric stash drawer under the bed or bin it crossly (nearly!)I tried my hand at some leggings, then a tunic for Big sis and finally some more contrast leggings to use up every last scrap on the nap.


I'm feeling fine about my mess up now and have had lots of practise with jersey, still lots to learn though, but I think you have all heard enough of it now! I used a great binding tutorial for jersey here if anyone has been struggling. It is aptly called 'The grumpy persons guide to knit bindings'

I'm ALL DONE #1 with this fabric now. Jo xxx


  1. Well done you for not giving up and all credit to you for using it all. I have scrap basket that is starting to take over the room, I am in the process of making some large tubs to store it. I may have to have a rethink, is storage the problem or the fact I don't use all the fabric? Or is it that I buy to much fabric in the first place?

  2. Well you may think you made a mess up but everything looks great in your pictures to me. I think I've aid before I am from a long line of seamstresses but I cannot use a sewing machine to save my life.

  3. Well done you! Big Sis's tunic looks especially good, especially with the matching leggings! I totally agree with you on using things and not keeping them, I have things that I haven't used because I haven't got to them yet, but not because I am saving them, we use good china all the time, don't have clothes that we don't wear and eat our chocolate in this house!! xx

  4. Good for you! Her tunic looks adorable on her. I admire your stick-to-it-ive-ness. :)

  5. Well done for sticking with it! I confess I don't know if I would have been able to. The tunic looks really gorgeous and I love the wee two tone leggings too.
    Marianne x

  6. I think that's a really good motto to live by. I've got loads of scraps though and I really don't know what to do with them. I'm also really guilty of saving things for best - stickers, note books... Time to put an end to it!

  7. Well done they look great
    Clare x

  8. Well done!! I really envy your sewing skills. ;-) I can sew only linings for crocheted bags and some alterations. That's it. But that was in India. Now I'm still looking for a sewing machine.


  9. Ah Jo what a lovely job you have done. I think you are a craft magician as you always pull something amazing out of the hat every time. I love what you have done with the jersey - have not even thought of attempting anything with this fabric as I am terrified of it. That is what I love about you Jo you will always have a go and are never put off, in fact I think this drives you on which is why you are such a success. You bought back memories about the Post Office set - we used to get one every year when we visited Santa in the big shops in Liverpool, I always loved them but would never use them up, very much like you. Last year I tried to set a couple of sets for the little Peeps but no luck anywhere - I think I was secretly buying them for myself!! Have a wonderful Easter Jo, as always a fabulous post which I really enjoyed. Sending you huge hugs and loves.

  10. I bet it felt good to say goodbye to that fabric. It looks to me like you've mastered jersey, you certainly have two adorable and very well dressed girls to show for it! x

  11. Ah yes, I do know what you mean! I am still like that and hate using things because I don't want to ruin them! Fabric is included! It's so silly. You have the right attitude. I just love this fabric, and the tunic looks so good. The contrast leggings were such a great idea, I'd never think of doing something like that. :)

  12. What a clever way to make good use of what you have at hand!
    I admire your creativity and determination, Jo! xx