Saturday, 4 May 2013

Small but perfect

Last night after eating, I ran some errands and when I got back the house was jumping with excited children because look .....

An egg! we were expecting one in about three weeks when the hens had developed combs on their heads but we got this little one today sometime. We are not sure which hen it is from but we think it might be the more confident brown one called Poppy but who really knows? - there is a lot of sibling rivalry going on about it.

To avoid any squabbles I mixed it up with some bought ones and made scrambled eggs for breakfast today. If I don't make anything else today, I will still feel like the breakfast was my make of the day!

Jo xx


  1. The first egg! the first of many, I hope :) I loved your liberty print skirt in the post below. Your finish looks fantastic, and it is such a pretty print :)

  2. So exciting, Jo! My grand girls and their folks and I went to check on a local blogger friend's chickens for her while she was gone and we collected five eggs: blue, green white and brown last week. We want to have a little flock, too, but are concerned about our level of commitment and the coyotes that regularly cross our property.
    Gracie :-)

  3. Your first egg - that is the most exciting thing - especially for your children! And how lovely that you have a photographic record of it to look back on in years to come. Joy x