Thursday, 16 May 2013

Granny choices

A day or two before my wool haul yesterday I had been playing round with some blanket squares. I had a good range of colours which I had bought on Ebay and it has been a while since I have had a variety of colours to play with so I got hooking.

1)The first square is from Cherry Heart and I liked it but I think I did dtr in the corners and tr in the sides so I ended up with a wonky square. It used lots of treble clusters which used up lots of wool and at the time, the stash above, was all I was working with.
2)So then I designed my own square with a lime centre which was good (I did scribble it down for future reference) but I have already made a blanket out of squares so I carried on my search.
3) Next I went to Attic 24 for a hexagon tutorial. I did one in a single colour to see if I liked the shape. I found it easy to follow and fun to make.
4) Finally I did the multi coloured hexagon and was pleased with it. It weighed in at 8g so with the stash above I worked out I could make 30 - a pram blanket, a knee blanket, would I be scrimping with the border?
5)I also want to try the Granny rose one from Apple blossom Dreams but again, at the time I knew I needed more yarn.
Now of course I have a whole new 51 balls to go at which is the same yarn so the blanket can grow as I want it to.
Hooked up a few more colours...
Then a few more...

I am now officially in love with hexagons. Jo x


  1. Hi Jo I love your hexagons, only just mastered granny square so hexagons next on the list - they are so interesting and cute. Your colours are fab, really interested to see what happens with this work in progress. Jo do you hold classes? Would love to come on one. Have a great weekend,
    Lots of love

  2. Hi Jo , Loving your hexagons, great colours! Lucky you with all that new wool, the skies the limit! :)
    Also, I had a quick question regarding your crochet classes, I am thinking of offering something similar around here and was wondering if you found 5 lessons enough to learn all the basics? It is hard trying to structure a lesson plan! Thanks for a lovely blog, Julie x

  3. Beautiful! I itch to get into some crochet but the knitting rules my world at the moment! x

  4. I think you did a lovely job with all of these little samples Jo - but the hexes are really lovely and coming together so nicely - lovely colour choices and so wonderful that you are now free to go with all that lovely extra stash - how good is that! Enjoy! Joy xx

  5. Beautiful colours, I wish I could crochet! Julie x

  6. Lovely hexagons and great colours.
    M x

  7. I've been wanting to try hexagons for ages and yours look stunning. I need to make a blanket for a new babe so this could be the perfect opportunity. X

    1. I think it would look good for a baby boy or girl using the right colours. Good Luck Jo x