Saturday, 13 January 2018

FREE Legwarmer Crochet Pattern

Just what the weather ordered here in the Northern Hemsiphere: stripey crocheted leg warmers.

Here is the pattern if you would like to make a pair. Make them plain or go wild and stash bust. 

4mm Hook
Aran weight yarn
UK terms

Foundation chain: 43 chains. Join with a slip stitch to make a circle. Be careful not to twist the stitches. 

Row 1: Ch3, 1tr in each chain. (43 sts)

Row 2: Ch3, 1tr behind the post of the treble from the previous row. Known as 1fbtr (front post treble video) It should raise the stitch to the front to form a rib. *1tr, 1fptr* to end. join with a ss

Row 3: Ch3, *1fptr,1tr* to end. Join with a ss

Row 4: Repeat row three. £ rows of rib complete. This is the ankle end of your leg warmer because the foundation chain makes it less stretchy than the final row.

Row 5: Change to main leg yarn or first colour. Ch3, 1tr in each stitch to end. (43 sts)

Repeat rows of trebles changing yarn for stripes or adding rows of double crochet for darker colours. When you have the desired length repeat 3 rib rows for the top of your leg warmer.

Don't forget to allow enough yarn runs for two!

Wear with long boots with them coming out of the top as boot cuffs or ruched with ankle boots.

I can't stop wearing them.

You can save the link to these on ravelry.
Happy Crochet!


  1. Thank you, Jo! They're adorable. I might make some for my daughter to wear at ballet.

  2. These look amazing! They look fairly simple too, I may try and give them a go!

  3. Just what the doctor would have ordered, they will fill the gap betwixt my ankle boots and long coat a treat. Many thanks.

  4. Great job Jo, they are wonderful. I could even use a pair today in Florida!

  5. They look good. I certainly need them here today, it is blowing a gale outside.

  6. Oh WOW,these do look great,thanks for sharing.I just might have to make a pair for my friends daughter,it is going to get colder me thinks.x

  7. Thanks for sharing the pattern, Jo...yet another project I want to try :) xx