Monday 23 November 2015

Mother Nature

When we visit the cabin, Mother Nature shows us her best side - flowers, insects, trees and mountains...

but this weekend she showed us her power and force. It is a sad day here at Three Stories High, our cabin has blown down in Hurricane Barney.

Andy is devastated. He cried sobs swinging from dogged determination to fix it; to wanting to put a match to it. 

We collected all the fabric items to take home to wash and dry as this must have happened last Tuesday so it has been rained on since. A neighbour who lives close to the cabin phoned me to let me know, he is an airline pilot so the weather would have been high on his work agenda last week. He had thought of our cabin when he arrived back home on Friday and took a walk across the field to check it out.

I don't know how the kitchenette got away without being tipped over. The roof blew off taking the chimney to the log burner with it and amazingly the glass blew out of the door casements but didn't break as the front fell in. Three walls remain standing.

Apart from the shed itself, the only casualty was the jug from the wash stand.

We rallied some family troops, my mum looked after the children so they didn't have to see it, my mum's husband came to the farm with a van to collect our belongings that needed bringing home, my dad fired up the dumper truck to take the furniture contents up to the farmyard sheds across the muddy field, his wife and I collected the wood to stack up and my brother tied it all down. Andy had spent Friday night in the dark on his own wearing a head torch trying to tie a tarp to the roof but to no avail, it was still too windy.

We packed up the entire contents into boxes and put it in the farm sheds. After three hours, I suggested we go home, drink tea and  have a bit of thinking time until we decide what we can do about it in the Spring.

I seemed strangely reticent not emotional as I picked up my homemade things and put them in bin bags. Mothers can be strong, as strong as Mother Nature in many ways, I believe. It is just a shed, we weren't in it, it is not our home, we are all safe and all our things can be washed, dried and put back when we have the strength to give the structure some thought and fervour.

I never write about sad times on my blog but I feel that the cabin was a real part of this little blog space. 

I know some of you will want to leave a comment but four kisses, one for each of us will show us your support and good wishes, I know your kindness would upset me too much otherwise and I have held it together up until now.

Do come back for happy news next week. 
Jo xxxxxx


  1. Very good pictures but it is very sad that an hurricane blew down your cabine. Mothers are always strong. xoxo

  2. XXXX Jackie & Phil

  3. Big Mum's are the strongest. Don't let a hurricane get you down xxxx

  4. Your attitude is entirely right! It will all come good in the Spring. Something to get your teeth into then. For now, just enjoy what is coming and don't dwell. Christmas! Your little girl so looks like you doesn't she?

  5. Jo, you must think I am awful, I just saw this. I am so, so sorry you had this happen. How horrible. Thank God your family was not there when those horrible winds came through. I am sending you a big, big hug my friend. What a mess and so disheartening.
    Hang in there,

  6. Hi Jo, I'm just catching up with your blog. I'm so sorry about this. I'm glad nobody was hurt but I know you must be so disappointed and sad. Hugs to all of you. XXXX