Thursday 25 June 2015

Summer but not flowers

I have made a summer dress but not with flowers on. I thought I would try something else to test my sewing skills. I tried working with tartan. The fabric is from Minerva. It is a beautiful lightweight cotton that presses really well.

It is a different style for me. I usually go for a shift dress but thought I would try a floaty summer pattern instead. It is from the Sewing Bee first series book. 

The summary drew me in... 

I have not bought any of the other books. I like to have a good go at a few things before I start ogling something new. I think it is a good book with some stylish patterns. This book can be picked up quite cheaply now because it is 'old'.

Working in tartan gave me a chance to practice my pattern matching skills. It was fun and very rewarding especially while fitting the bodice which is lined.

I struggled with the length a bit. How long should it be? What will I wear on my feet? Will I ever take my hands out of those lovely deep pockets? I made it shorter than the pattern because I am well...short.

Thanks Minerva for stretching my fabric choice beyond flowers for a summer dress. There are lots of lovely tartans in their range go and take a peek. Great choices for men's shirts, not that I have ever made a shirt for a man, over to you Lazy Daisy Jones....

Jo xxx


  1. I am always in ore of what you make with your machine Jo but now even more so if you can conker using tartan too. It's a really lovely dress and definitely suits you.

    PS nothing wrong with short... all good things come in little packages my mum told me.

  2. That's a dress that could be worn all year round - tights, boots & a cardi in the back end and winter!

  3. I think the length is perfect and the tartan is a great choice.

  4. Wow suits you Jo, loving it lots...... will take a look at those tartans thanks for the reminder too, must get on with July's man sew soooooooon.......bestest D xx

  5. You may be short but you are also adorable and you look fantastic in that wonderful dress.

  6. It's beautiful Jo! You are such a gifted soul my friend! I absolutely love the cut of this dress! You look stunning!! Wishing yo a wonderful weekend!! Nicole xoxo

  7. Fantastic dress and fantastic on you too!!!! You did so well with the matching and everything, it really is wonderful!!! xx

  8. That is a lovely dress. I love the tartan, and like you say such a pleasant change from flowers.

  9. Another fine finish, Jo! I really like the style of your new dress and admire how you fit it perfectly which I would think would be especially tricky to do with tartan. xx

  10. Ooooo it's soo lovely:) V envious of your skills and figure!

  11. Ohhh thanks for sharing your blog post on this dress.
    I picked up the book last night and printed the pattern on a billlion sheeta of A4 paper this afternoon and on the hunt for the right fabric as equally not a fan of the floral in the book.

    Loving the tartan. Thanks for sharing, looks gorgeous on and can't wait to try this pattern myself.