Thursday, 24 October 2013

CAL stitch directory

This week as I link up with Chrissie and Marianne in their crochet-a-long two more squares for my sampler blanket.

Woven chain loop stitch
Fantastically effective and so very, very easy. chain in multiples of 5 plus 1ch for the foundation row. Ch1, dc in second chain from the hook, dc4, chain 8, dc 5, ch8, dc 5 the end. On the reverse row Turn chain 1, dc in every stitch to the end.

You repeat these two rows and thread the loops through each other to make this little raised rope. Isn't it fab?

Open chevrons
These would look better on a larger piece of work as it is worked in multiples of 10. My little swatch doesn't really do it justice but it is going on the blanket pile anyway.
I'm off to check out everyone's hexagons and type up the final hat pattern to publish tomorrow. Jo x


  1. I love the woven chain loop stitch! Very interesting, it could make a pretty cardigan detail...I am enjoying your sampler, such a super idea! Chrissie x

  2. Very pretty with endless opportunities. Thank you for sharing! xo

  3. Really nice squares Jo and I think they will look fab in your sampler blanket.
    Marianne xx

  4. Oh lovely patterns, sampler blankets sound really cool!

  5. Jo this looks absolutely lovely - I have been off the radar this week as overloaded at work so little time to do much - wish I have some quality time to sit down and try these lovely stitches - you are clever. Have a lovely weekend Jo
    Big hugs

  6. Your squares are looking great, I bet that the finished blanket is going to look amazing. I have never seen the woven chain loop, that is amazing. Happy crochet! xx

  7. I do like your blue squares. I'm sure your sampler blanket will be lovely!

  8. Jo, I do like the look of your new stitch! I am setting up a little autumn embroidery project today. Happy pattern writing!
    Gracie xx

  9. Love both these sampler squares, I really must get more adventurous with my crochet too!
    Wishing you a happy weekend,